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Mad Dog’s Hustle Update

Nov 2009

We got pretty stoked today when our manufacturer sent us the photo posted below! In just a few days we should have our finished copies of Mad Dog’s Hustle (original motion picture soundtrack) LP in house. We ended up spending a little more time than we initially thought on the re-mastering phase, but it was well worth it. The long wait is almost over.

the wait is almost over
After we’ve shipped the records to our distribution and retail partners, we’ll be sure to give you some tips on where you can pick up your copy of this white vinyl LP. You can pretty much expect that all the usual suspects will be in play, though. In the meantime, be sure to check out our youtube channel to learn more about this release and hear some audio samples.

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Secret Stash Records Launches New Label

Oct 2009

We are very excited to present to you RE-AMP RECORDS, a new label owned by Secret Stash Records. RE-AMP RECORDS is a vinyl only label that will focus on re-issues of various styles of rock (metal, punk, noise, classic, etc.). Our first release will be a re-issue of the classic UK punk album “When The Punks Go Marching In” by the Abrasive Wheels. Please stay tuned for more details as we have a long list of titles to come. We will be launching a website and social network profiles for this new entity very soon!

Secret Stash eBay store

Sep 2009

Secret Stash Records launches an eBay store
We are extremely excited by all the web traffic we’ve seen lately. Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by to check us out and see what’s new. This website along with the social networks have allowed us to connect directly with our customers in ways we never would have dreamed of in the past. In an effort to help better serve all of you, we’ve decided to launch an eBay store. If you have an interest in our titles, we want to be sure that you have access to them. We hope this will help accomplish that goal.

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Digging deeper in the vaults

Sep 2009

Secret Stash Records inked a deal this morning to start mining the entire Fantasy Productions music catalog. Earlier this year we released an album from this catalog called Porno Groove: The Sound of 70’s Adult Films. Our intention at that time was to release one album of funky porno jams and move on. But, without knowing it, we had actually tapped into a massive resource of incredible music that has never been released (except as soundtracks in the movies from which they came). We are currently sorting through hundreds of master tapes and deciding how to proceed with our releases.

One of the things that really interested us in the rest of the catalog is that it includes content other than adult film soundtracks. Fantasy produced a number of films outside of the adult genre with excellent soundtracks. Also, they own a few albums and singles by The Upstroke, the band who recorded most of their soundtracks. Stay tuned for more info on our next release from the Fantasy catalog.

A Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue

Aug 2009

A Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue in stores 9/29/09
The wait is over. We are very excited to announce our sophomore release, “A Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue.” This is one of the most unique and interesting recordings we’ve ever come across. It will be available online and in your favorite record shop exclusively on blue vinyl. Be sure to check out the Releases page for more info on the incredible back story to this release.