Minneapolis Funk/Soul for Record Store Day!

We’ve been hard at work for well over a year on a compilation of Twin Cities funk, soul, and R&B. Though the actual release won’t be ready until September of this year, we’ve been hipped to a pair of tracks that we just can’t keep to ourselves anymore.

On Record Store Day (4/21/12) we are going release a hand numbered 250 unit 45 rpm pressing of Rufus Lunley’s “Minneap’lis, Minnesota” / Jackie Harris’ “Do It, To It.” This release will only be available at The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis. See below to learn a bit more about these tracks and hear samples.

SIDE A “ Minneap’lis, Minnesota” by Rufus Lumley

This track was recorded in a bowling alley in Detroit in ’68. At the end of the song you can hear the background vocalists singing “We Got The Pennant,” an attempt to make a hit song based on the possibility of the Twins winning the Pennant that year (which didn’t happen).  Perhaps this track is just what Mauer and the boys need this year?

This track was licensed from the estate of Rufus Lumley.  It’s been a pleasure working with Rufus’ family.  It’s clear that beyond leaving a musical legacy that is still celebrated by Northern Soul collectors the world over, he was also an incredible family man.

-It should be noted that although Lumley lived in many towns during the course of his life, he never resided in the Twin Cities. 

SIDE B “ Do It, To It” by Jackie Harris
Jackie Harris ran what is believed to be the first ever black owned label in the Twin Cities, Black and Proud Records. They only put out a small handful of singles, including this one performed by Harris himself. Running this label was not Jackie’s full time job. He was a radio DJ at KUXL as well. He went on to own a couple radio stations, a night club, and a newspaper.  Harris is still alive and well and has been very helpful in our research for the Twin Cities funk, soul, and R&B compilation.  This track was licensed directly from Jackie Harris (who now goes by Jack).