New Store – Beta Testing & Discounts

Our current online store has been having significant issues with shipping rates and accepting non-US orders. We have had enough and are replacing it with a new one! This new store has cheaper shipping rates and is moreinternationally friendly.

We want this store to be as user-friendly as possible, so for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we are going to be running some beta testing. Every record in stock will be discounted significantly – on average, about 40% off. Please email us if you would like to participate and we will send you the link to our new store. We will accept the first 50 requests.

Because this is beta testing, it is possible errors may occur in the ordering process. Please let us know if you encounter any – we want to know so that we can fix them! Don’t worry if you do encounter difficulty/errors, as all orders will be honored.

(new store preview)