Abrassive Wheels

Abrassive Wheels

‘When The Punks Go Marching In’ is a release of our sister label, Re-Amp Records.

The Abrasive Wheels were one of the most influential bands to arise from the UK punk scene. Their early material became the blueprint by which many punk bands to this day build their sound from. When The Punks Go Marching In is widely accepted as their finest work and one of the greatest punk albums of that (or any) time. Re-Amp Records is proud to present a vinyl-only reissue of this, one of the most sought out pieces of punk vinyl in the world. In an effort to maintain historical accuracy and artistic integrity, it is being released exactly as it was in 1982 – no gimmicky picture discs, alternate takes, bonus tracks, or “re-vamped” artwork – just the original songs in the original packaging, exactly the way the punk gods intended.


01. Vicious Circle
02. 1982
03. Danger, Danger
04. B.B.C.
05. Mayday
06. Voice Of Youth
07. Just Another Punk Band

01. Gotta Run
02. Burn ‘Em Down
03. Shout It Out
04. Slaughterhouse
05. First Rule (No Rule)
06. Attack
07. When The Punks go Marching In

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