Black Market Brass

SSR 10001 Big Muffler BMB
Black Market Brass: SSR-7-1001 “Big Muffler” b/w “Snake Oil”
Secret Stash Records is proud to partner with Minneapolis based Black Market Brass for the first in a series of 45s containing new music recorded by the label.  Black Market Brass is an 11 piece Afrobeat band that delivers a unique, yet very authentic interpretation of the genre. “Big Muffler” is a hard charging tune that always keeps asses moving on the dance floor.  “Snake Oil Man” is an intricate song that mixes heavy grooves with an intensely eerie vibe.  Both tracks were recorded live in one room directly to tape, capturing an energy lost in many of todays over produced digital recordings.  This 7” is a must have for any fan of Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat sound.