Secret Stash Now Hiring Interns!

That’s right, we are looking for some summer help here at Secret Stash. We are an indie label based in Minneapolis and as a small operation, this is a great opportunity to get hands on experience across many aspects of the music business.

A Bit About Secret Stash

Secret Stash Records is dedicated to unearthing rare musical gems and sharing them with the world. We started by researching, licensing, manufacturing, and distributing reissues and compilations of historically significant “groove based music” from the US and abroad. After releasing a compilation of Twin Cities Funk & Soul in 2012, we began working with singers active during the 60s and 70s to put together a band, record new music, and tour nationally and internationally. Stylistically our releases are deeply rooted in funk and soul of the 60s and 70s. While we utilize all available mediums, we specialize in collectible limited edition vinyl pressings. We are an independent operation that manages virtually every single aspect of our business in-house.

The Internship

We are currently searching for Summer non-paid interns. Ideally, this would be about a 15-20 hour/week commitment. We work with colleges to help students obtain credit for their internship, though this is not a requirement for the internship. Now, a little bit about the internship…

You will gain experience in the following areas:

Supply Chain Management
• We deal directly with manufacturers, wholesalers, retail stores, and customers. Because of that, this internship will teach you many of the steps involved in releasing and distributing music.

• Market brands and releases through facebook, twitter, youtube, our website, email blasts, print media, and more
• Planning, helping coordinate, and market local release parties and events

Music Copyright Law and Licensing
• Hands-on experience with copyright law and licensing, including pulling mechanical licenses.

Project Management
• Sitting in on conversations and meetings and gaining insight into the day-to-day decisions of record labels and artists, as well as the process of setting and evaluating long-term goals.

The day-to-day responsibilities of this internship involve supply chain management, promotion, and music copyright law and licensing. Being in a tight-knit office, the most valuable information you will take away from this internship will be through paying attention to what is going on in the office and by asking questions. This is primarily an office based internship.

If you are interested, get in touch with us at

Looking forward to working with some awesome new folks!