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We have pressed up 500 bonus 45s of Willie Parker’s “I’ve Got To Fight It,” and it is only available by being one of the first to Pre-Order the M-Pac! 2xLP release, OR through the One-derful! Collection Subscription.

Between 1962 and 1968 legendary Chicago Soul/R&B label One-derful! Records released blues and hard soul centered 45s on the M-Pac! imprint. For the third installment of our six-part ONE-DERFUL! COLLECTION, we are proud to present M-PAC! RECORDS, a collection of 24 recordings available on 2xLP and CD. Within the grooves of these tracks lie superb group harmonies from The Ringleaders and The Accents, gritty hard soul leads from Willie Parker and Stacy Johnson, and songs from one of Chicago’s most under-appreciated soul shouters in Harold Burrage, plus 10 tracks that were never issued!

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