Summer Conclusion and Fall Preview

It has been one heck of a summer here in Minnesota. After outlasting a Winter that dumped snow on us all the way up ’til May, we skipped Spring and caught Summer in mid-stride. On the Secret Stash side of things, we spent a lot of time looking into future projects… More info to come on those. All we can say is we are really excited for 2014!

Now that Summer is officially over, we are looking forward to a great Fall. As of October 15, we are kicking off a new sub-label called Reserve Records which tackles releases that don’t quite fit into the funky/afro/latin grooves of Secret Stash. Our first release will be George Jones’ debut on Starday.

We also built an analog studio in our headquarters and so far there are several 45s worth of material in the can, all of which we are eager to bring into the world. It was a long process, but we wanted to take our time to really develop an aesthetic we’re happy with. Over the last few years we’ve spent countless hours listening to records and talking about the best recipes and ingredients we’ve come across for tasty soul, funk, and afro-beat stews. We also went diving into an ocean of research, exploring sunken ships on a mission to learn about historic studios, recordings, arrangers, and producers. After holding our breath for many months, we brought to the surface with us a treasure chest of old recording techniques, equipment, and philosophies. Needless to say, we are enthusiastic about what’s to come.