Ultimate Release Party

Every now and then I come across an awesome photo or story that doesn’t directly relate to one of our releases. Still, there are some things that are too cool not to share.

While doing research for the liner notes to Free Angela, I came across rumors and stories of Jimi Hendrix appearing as a session musician on some of August Moon’s Sound of Soul recordings. While looking into Jimi’s whereabouts during the time period the Sound of Soul label was booking recording sessions in New York City, I stumbled upon photos of a young Jimi Hendrix playing in the house band for an Atlantic Records release party. And what a party it must have been.

In the liner notes for Percy Sledge’s Warm and Tender Soul LP there is mention of Atlantic Records’ release party for When A Man Loves A Woman on May 5, 1966 at the Prelude Club in New York City. By all accounts, the evening was a star-studded affair. Taking command of the mic were Esther Phillips, Don Covay, Wilson Pickett, and Percy Sledge. But perhaps the biggest future star in the room was a session man playing with the house band, King Curtis & The Kingpins. King Curtis was on sax, naturally, while Cornell Dupree and a young Jimi Hendrix shared guitar duties.  Miraculously, there are some awesome photos to prove it!


L to R: King Curtis, Cornell Dupree, Esther Phillips,
Jimi Hendrix
when a man loves a woman release party2
L to R: King Curtis, Percy Sledge, Cornell Dupree,
Jimi Hendrix
L to R: Cornell Dupree, Wilson Pickett, Jimi Hendrix
Top L to R: Atlantic Exec, Wilson Pickett, Don Covay, ?, King Curtis, Atlantic ExecBottom L to R: Percy Sledge, Esther Phillips