Secret Stash Goes to Shuga Records

Check out Part 1 of the “Intern’s Guide to Minnesota Vinyl” – Secret Stash interns Billy and Lee visit Shuga Records and learn about this NE Minneapolis-based record store’s history and plans for the future.

This week the interns checked out Shuga Records in Northeast Minneapolis. Originally known for their major online presence, Shuga moved to a 7,500-square-foot building in 2009 to accommodate their growing business, while also giving local musicians a place to hold shows. Boasting a collection of close to 60,000 records, Shuga is a force in the vinyl community and is an obvious stop for die-hard collectors.

The “Interns Guide to Minnesota Vinyl” was started as a way to showcase the record stores, turntable and accessory retailers, and DJs that operate out of the Twin Cities. Nationally, Minneapolis has a reputation for being a very music-savvy city, so being able to highlight some interesting stories and indie vinyl stores is the perfect way to show the state’s vinyl depth. Over the course of the next several weeks, the “Guide” will provide countless tips and tricks for finding the hippest in all things spinning.