Sonny Knight & The Lakers

SSR 10002 Hey Girl Sonny
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Sonny Knight & The Lakers: SSR-7-1002 “Hey Girl” b/w “Sugar Man”
In 1965 a 15 year old boy recorded two sides in the basement of a record store on Lake Street in South Minneapolis, just blocks from the current home of Secret Stash Records.  That boy was Sonny Knight, and the 45 culled from those sessions, “Tears on my Pillow” B/W “Rain Dance,” went on to become a valuable item in R&B collector circles.  In the 70s he sang in Haze, another group who’s records have been the subject of much collector frenzy.


In late 2012 Secret Stash released Twin Cities Funk & Soul.  Upon assembling an all-star lineup of hometown musicians to perform at the release party they began working with Sonny Knight.  An instant chemistry was discovered and they began developing new material together.  Today Sonny Knight can be seen entertaining crowds regularly with his new band assembled by the label, The Lakers.


Recorded live in one room, straight to tape (the way all your favorite soul records were done), the group’s debut 45 displays serious amounts of versatility without sounding disjointed.  “Hey Girl” is an upbeat boogaloo that finds Knight singing from the gut as he tries to woo the ladies with the help of his relentlessly funky Lakers.  “Sugar Man” is a cover of the now infamous song by Rodriguez.  Their slowed down interpretation of this haunting, psychedelic tune oozes soul.


Keep an eye out for a full-length Sonny Knight And The Lakers album on Secret Stash Records coming soon.


Single in stores November 12, 2013