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Sonny Knight And The Lakers “Sooner or Later” on cassette

Dec 2016

That’s right, they’re back.  Deal with it!

About 6 or 7 years ago a local label called Moon Glyph started putting out releases exclusively on cassette.  I always thought everything they did looked and felt amazing.  Honestly, I had probably gotten so used to seeing music in square packaging (CDs and LPs), that something really struck me about the aspect ratio of the cassette medium.  I’m assuming it did for Steve at Moon Glyph as well.  He did all their packaging design (and possibly still does?), and its all awesome!  They’re still around, but have since moved out west and branched into other formats.  If you don’t already know the, you should give ’em a listen.  They’ve put out some truly spectacular releases.  Anyhow, being exposed to their releases was probably the first time I thought, hmmmm… maybe there is something to this format.
Then, back in 2013, we bought the first Sonny Knight And The Lakers tour bus, which had a cassette deck in it.  A couple of the guys brought in their old collections and a few of us started making mix tapes.  Before long, I was really digging the format.  I acquired a couple different cassette decks and integrated them into my home and office stereos.
A lot of people look down on the format.  Whatever, I get it.  But I also think they’re visually interesting, nostalgic in a very fun way, have a unique sound, and can be easily made in small quantities, which means we can just make a small batch and not worry about how commercially successful it is… So, with that in mind, here is the brand new Sonny Knight And The Lakers album on cassette!
We only made up 100 copies and we’ve included a download card, so really…. why not give it a shot?   Who knows, you might really like it!
Stay tuned for pricing and availability.


Secret Stash Records

Black Market Brass Bonus Cassette

Nov 2016


The first 100 copies of the new Black Market Brass LP, “Cheat And Start A Fight” come with a bonus cassette (includes download card) containing tons of unreleased recordings. Listen to samples and more here. The tapes just arrived and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Sonny Knight / Black Market Brass Assembly Party

Nov 2016


On Wednesday night 20 volunteers came down to our space in Loring Park, Minneapolis to help assemble the new Sonny Knight and Black Market Brass albums. It was great to see some familiar faces, as well as make some new friends. We finished assembling all the records in about 3 hours, which included a break for pizza. It’s been over 2 years since our last assembly party. Man, have we ever been missing out!?! Wednesday’s party was a great reminder of just how awesome our customers are, and how music can bring together so many different types of people. Many thanks to everyone who pitched in. Also, a big thanks to the folks at Bauhaus Brewlabs for hooking the volunteers up with some of their delicious beer.


Sonny Knight And The Lakers’ “Sooner or Later” hits stores November 18. We still have a few limited edition LPs left. Hop over to our web store to reserve yours now.


Black Market Brass “Cheat And Start A Fight” hits stores December 2. We will be announcing pre-orders for that very soon.

Now Taking Pre-orders for Sonny Knight And The Lakers “Sooner or Later”

Oct 2016


As many of our valued customers already know, we have been impacted heavily by the industry-wide delays in vinyl manufacturing. In an effort to better serve you, we decided to postpone the release of a few new titles until we knew for sure that the wax had been pressed. This will help us avoid excessively long wait times for pre-orders to ship. Today we’re happy to announce that the new Sonny Knight And The Lakers LPs are all pressed up! With that great news we are now able to set a new release date for this much anticipated release. Standard edition LPs and CDs will be available in retail outlets everywhere on November 18. But, if you pre-order your LP now, you will receive a hand-numbered limited edition clear vinyl pressing. We’ve only made 200 of these, so this offer is of course only good while supplies last. Get yours before they’re all gone!



Black Market Brass “Gloom” Live @ The Turf Club 9/16/16

Oct 2016
Did you miss BMB’s sold out show at The Turf Club in Saint Paul in September?  That sucks.  We just wanted to rub your face in it a bit.  Here is a little look at what you missed.  Their live show is really stretching out into some new areas.  already looking forward to their next album!