More Twin Cities Funk & Soul + Black Friday Sale!

In September we released Twin Cities Funk & Soul. It was by far our most ambitious release to date. We are thrilled to see how many people from around the world are digging into the compilation and truly enjoying the rich music history of our home town. This 45 is the first in a series of follow-up releases aimed at going deeper.

To celebrate this release, The Twin Cities Funk & Soul Allstars featuring the Prophets of Peace will be performing at the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis onBlack Friday at 2:00 PM.

In 1974 The Prophets of Peace hit ASI studios with engineer David “Z” Rivkin (Prince, Lipps Inc). They recorded 4 songs. One of them, “You Can Be,” was released on the flip side of their 1975 single, “The Max.” The rest were held back for inclusion in a full length LP that was sadly never completed. In April of 2012 Secret Stash Records joined bandleader Anthony Scott at Essential Sessions Studios in St. Paul, MN to listen to the master tapes from the ASI sessions the first time in 38 years. In an effort to stick with the tracks most significant to the scene, we opted to include the previously released tunes on the Twin Cities Funk & Soul compilation. But, we never really stopped thinking about the rest of the material we heard that day.
This 45 includes two of those unreleased gems. The band’s theme song, “P.O.P.” is featured on side A and the instrumental jam, “46th Street Bump Time” is on the B side. The record its self looks like it just rolled off the press in ’74. Adorned with the band’s own Maxx Records logo, it is an exact replica of what it would have looked like had it been released in the ‘70s. This limited edition 500 unit pressing is available on November 23rd, 2012 (AKA Black Friday). It can only be purchased here or in Twin Cities based record shops on Black Friday. These babies are sure to sell out. When they’re gone they’re gone, so don’t miss your only chance to get one!

We have several titles back in stock! In addition, we are offering up to 33 1/3% off our records, beginning Black Friday and ending at the stroke of midnight on Cyber Monday (November 23-26). Now is a great time to fill in the gaps in your Secret Stash collection. We’ll have Persian Funk and Gospel Funk back in stock for the first time in a long time!