Getting To The Roots Of Afro-Peruvian Culture

On 4/15/10 we met up with Miki Gonzalez and the Ballumbrosio twins (sons of the infamous Amador Ballumbrosio) in Miki’s studio in Lima, Peru.  Miki (one of Peru’s biggest rock stars) offered some incredible insight into Afro-Peruvian music and the Ballumbrosios showed us the dances that are truly at the root of Afro-Peruvian music and culture.  Miki is the twins’ godfather.  He is one of the first (and only) non-Africans to be accepted into El Carmen in such an intimate way.  The twins’ father, Amador Ballumbrosio is widely considered to be the godfather of the Afro-Peruvian revival.  Miki explained how it was an incredible thing for us to learn the Zapateo (an Afro-Peruvian dance) directly from the twins.  He said we were getting our masters degree in Zapateo.

When Miki heard we were in town and what we were up to, he instantly invited us out to his studio.  It seemed as though everyone we came across in Lima was completely thrilled to share what they could of Afro-Peruvian music with us.  Miki and the twins were no exception.  This video is just a tiny little peek at the time we spent with them.  We hope you enjoy it!

Unai, Cory, Miki, and Eric