“Hey Girl” Recording Sessions

This is a video from the 2 sessions that made up the Hey Girl 7”. We cut a few other sides during these sessions as well. The setup for the sessions was simple as all get out… band live with Sonny doing guide vocals. The philosophy behind getting the sound was pretty simple, and I’m not going to bore you with technical details*. Get everything sounding good in the room, and then mic it up. Put it on tape, then mix it down. The Lakers are a great group, so any compression or eq-ing by me on any of these tracks was merely to keep me busy rather than necessity.

Vocals were redone afterward simply because this was my first session in the room and I didn’t really know how vocals would have turned out with the whole dang band in there. The sessions were real easy. I got nice and tuned, and just yelled over the intercom between takes.

-John Miller, Studio Dad
* Technical Details
15 ips, +3
Drums: RCA 44bx + beyer M160 (summed down to one channel)
Bass: Sennheiser 421
Guitar: AKG d200e
Horns: RCA 44bx
Organ: Shure KSM44 (You really only need one microphone for a Leslie.)
Sonny: Shure KSM44
(that’s six tracks for those playing along at home)